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MONT70 - Integrated

Close-loop Controller

Product Features

3 phase



Direct stop technology

Based on the distance control, the direct stop technology realizes a smooth speed curve and high operating efficiency.

The elevator operation can automatically generate N curves and achieve high efficiency even no setting elevator speed parameters.


Full communication signal transmission

Integrate the CAN, the Modbus and other communication technologies.


Support the debugging via Bluetooth phones


Automatic identification grid voltage technology

Automatically correct the operation curve in accordance with the input grid voltage.


Multiple functions

Can flexibly set the elevator control functions up to 54 kinds.

The I/O terminal functions of the main control board, the car top board, and the main/vice manipulator command boards, can be flexibly set.

The high and the low levels of main control board input terminal are selectable.


Convenient car debug mode

In the car, you can connect the panel to the network communication port of car internal call board via the cable, and then you can debug the elevator and monitor its running state.


Two cables can make two elevators in parallel


Onboard small panel design

Design with three digital tubes and three keys.

Can display the fault, floors and other information, fault reset, shaft self-learning, call elevator and other operations.

Make easier for debugging and maintaining the elevator.


All operations of product by one panel

All operations of the product can be achieved by an optional external panel, including main control board, car top board, hall call board, and door controllers.


Flexible installation

The main control board can be installed on other locations.


Ultrathin structure

This design is more space-saving installation.


Perfect protection for fault

Quick positioning method for fault based on fault subcode.

60 kinds of faults sub-level treatments.

Immediately locking the base electrode and switching off IGBT output at fault can avoid contactor arcing, which can ensure the elevator safe and reliable operation.

The cosine encoder wiring mode and encoder disconnection can be identified automatically.


Three high voltage inputs of 110 - 220V AC/DC

The main control board has three programm-able high voltage inputs of 110 - 220V AC/DC, which can reduce the system cost.

Technical Data


MT70 TECH.png
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